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es have been patched, and even his muddy boots have become very clean. To be continued.

PS: It’s on the shelves, I don’t know if anyone will watch it, post it first and talk about it! Hey, still very happy.


Wangye in the swamp “Kurad’s son, what do you think of my question?” Mea lifted up the stack of eyelids, sat cross-legged on the cowhide cushion, and a night breeze came and dispersed. He was covered with gray hair, and he leaned his skinny body towards the campfire to make himself 西安夜生活网 warmer. His gaze fell on the fire-gathering scroll under the iron cauldron again, watching that small square piece of devil antelope skin has been slightly curled by the hot flames, and the dim magic patterns on the parchment paper Telling his mission is about to end.

Yes, this is a magic scroll that has been 西安桑拿网 used repeatedly for five days, and it starts to burn until midnight every day at sunset. The magic pattern has become blurred, and I don’t know what Meana is thinking about so much. Kurz on the side was a little nervous. In the Gludin tribe, every wise man in the old age would be respected by the orcs. Kurz looked at me uncomfortably once again. He could only look at me. Turning back, I can only say to Meyana: “I can’t think of any great way. But I also discussed this with Ji Jia. This winter we suffered a severe cold that has not been encountered in a century, leaving those who were already short of food and clothing. Many people died in the tribe, and there was not enough food to eat. It has slowly evolved into a famine. I think our blood wolf clan actually faces three problems: food crisis, population crisis, and Warcraft 西安耍耍网 crisis.”

Listening to Kuz’s whispering, it’s like we are sitting under the moon, looking up at the night sky, talking back to back. Of course, I’m talking most of the time, and Kuz is eating. His stomach is like It’s never enough to fill up. As long as there is something delicious, it will be eaten up with one mind. But now, Kurz’s voice was a bit sharp and hoarse just now 西安夜生活论坛 in