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eeing more. But

this feeling is like entertainment before death. Samuel couldn’t help but say .

perhaps, after all, we may all followed 新西安夜网 the death of Lorenzo Hall Summers can be really of mystery, 西安耍耍网 to more than even he himself did not realize.

Anthony said, picking up that document, it had no What a variety of handwritings, just a few lines of scribbles, and a few black and white photos sandwiched on it.

This document comes from the place of seven hills and was secretly delivered to Anthony a few days after his arrival in Old Dunling. The photo There are several half-burned documents. Although the specific details are not clear from the black and white photo, it can be seen from the rough outline that one of them is a list.

The handwriting of the other photo can be slightly clear Some, Anthony can see the several re-seals on it, as well as the vague text.

Item: Scabbard Treaty, Executor: Lorenzo Medici,

Anthony’s brows are frowning together, far beyond the current situation. The 新西安夜网 problem arises.

Chapter 84 Memory Palace

Dark clouds cover the shadow of Yingyue, and outline a silver-gray band of light on the edge of the patch. The night is so heavy and exudes an oppressive silence.

gray-black rock of the 84 is like a raised stone tablet, standing disorderly on the edge of the coast. The sharp stone edge cuts the waves to pieces, and the black waves are broken into thousands. The foam dissipated in the black gap again. The

man was lying on the edge of the boat, one hand dropped into the sea, feeling the bone-to-heart cold, and plunged into the center of the storm.

Everything All swayed slightly with the surging of the waves, as if it were a mother’s cradle, she was singing in a low voice, trying to calm the man’s anger, so that he would sleep forever here.

It seems that this end is not bad, the

man thinks like this .

blood overflow wounds, heart beating feebly, until slowly calm down, gray-blue eyes that reflected combustion TV drama of the night, and finally all engraved into