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e problem?” George tried to distract Fred’s 西安夜网论坛 attention.

“Our wizard cards are too monotonous. I mean our wizard cards. You know, many people are not satisfied. Such a rough card.” Lee Jordan took out a self-made card and gave an example to the three of them. “Compared with the crackling exploding card, our card is more boring, and more often it requires a little patience from the player. And the ability to set cards.”


“You are too impatient.” Albert understood what Lee Jordan meant and reminded: “If you want to make the wizard card a popular card game in the magic world, you need enough patience. It’s easy to make everyone feel tired when a single brain promotes all the interesting things. The complex and numerous cards require players to spend more time to adapt, and all of this requires time to 西安耍耍网accumulate.”

Lee Jordan pursed his lips. It is really hard to understand why Albert did not vigorously promote the Wizards card. In his opinion, this year is the best opportunity for most Hogwarts students to know and why they joined The Witcher Card Club.

“Don’t worry, listen to what Albert said, his reason is always more convincing than your suggestion.” George pushed Bibi Duo beans in front of Lee Jordan, and picked up one of them. Throwing 西安夜生活网 it in his mouth, as for the red one, he has been mixed into this box of multi-flavored beans.

“Albert is too busy and rarely puts his mind on the wizard card.” Lee Jordan thinks Albert if he wants to Put more energy on the wizard card, then the card optimization will definitely be faster.

“No, no, this is our wizard card. You can’t push everything to Albert.” Fred Pinch 西安桑拿网 the red pepper flavored bean from the box and put it in front of George, who knew he couldn’t hide it, so he gritted his teeth, threw it into his mouth, and swallowed it directly.

“Man, you are in a hurry.” George made a grimace at Fred, “You know, the problem is not Albert.”

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