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ousands of troops is essentially just an ordinary person, an ordinary old guy.

My family, friends, and familiar people are all dead, dead in the Glorious War, and Or the few people who can be regarded as acquaintances under the claws of the buried demon are also the kind of Merlin. Those alchemists are the real heart of iron and stone, who have no desires and desires, and only long for the truth. I

don’t know tonight . How many sighs, Arthur said slowly.

Okay, it’s been a long time since I vented such emotions. The older people are, the more they are. Many things are hard

to explain . He looked at Lan Jade, and then said, then please help Can you help me?

I don’t know how to help you. Lan Jade has never accepted such a commission to deal with family disputes?

You have very similar personalities, just talk to her more, and Eve doesn’t have any friends, after all, sometimes identity becomes a bondage.

Lan Jade continued to be silent, and his 西安耍耍网 expression seemed a little helpless. At this time, Arthur continued to say.

Calculate your performance and bonus.

Lan Jade became more silent. It took a long time to say, will she understand you?

Arthur didn’t want Eve to know that. He didn’t dare to think about the result of Eve knowing the truth. She was a little naive and childish girl, cruel truth. Maybe it will turn her into the same heart of iron and stone. There is no shortage of a flower like her in the world, but it is the only one for Arthur. Yes

, Eve will understand , it is only a matter of time. Arthur appeared Very confident, he looks at Lan Jade.

Don’t you understand your father?

Lan Jade was stunned. She didn’t know how to answer. A strange sense of sorrow and grief overflowed from the iron stone, as if everything had 新西安夜网 returned to that stormy night. The man fell drunk in the snow, and his mother begged, but

She was silent again. Maybe. She replied.

Chapter 29 The Journey of Justice. The

good one starts with opening your eyes and the posters covered with flowers.