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at the same time, shook it lightly, and solemnly stole the body of the target. Eternal day effect.

However, the Amons did not give up on Klein’s influence. They relied on themselves enough to separate a small number of members, and looked at the current Sequence 新西安夜网 1 secret waiter, who carried the identity of Antigonus. Klein.西安夜网论坛

These Amon’s monocles suddenly lit up, using the authority related to the door to move Klein out of the real world and into the starry sky. In the

dark and vast universe, Klein’s figure emerged. Then it instantly became thinner and turned into a paper man.

The paper man first bulged his stomach, gave birth to a paper baby, and then quickly decayed and decayed into dust.

Klein used the graft and the paper man substitute to block the Amons attacks.

at the same time, another of Amon who succeeded, at Klein’s body from stealing away all day and never effect.

However, the next second, this effect has been the other day and never steal back.

This is the master of the mystery’s control of the ability of this approach, even if He hasn’t really been resurrected, but just started the process. The

Amon’s eyes flickered, 西安夜生活第一论坛网 and they immediately abandoned Klein’s side, and shifted their focus to three things:

Most of them continued to steal and give out. The eternal day effect of, against the Lord of Mysteries, a small part of the Antigonus on the huge stone bench was locked, and the other party’s immortal state was stolen indiscriminately.

In addition, all Amon lifted the strengthening of the seal, even A certain amount of weakening was done.

Klein, who was no longer attacked by the Amons, also did not counterattack the opponent, and his attention was also on his own body. The

biggest problem is the resurrected Secret Lord there! In an

instant, Klein An illusory mark appeared on the center of Ryan’s eyebrows. It was a strange light gate stained with a little blue and black, and a light gray mist continued to spread out.

Klein began to snatch control of the source ca