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too bad. It won’t really occupy your body. After the parasitic is over, you can take away your life for a few years at most. Anyway, if you are still young, you can make up for it by raising a sequence. Hehe, in fact, most Extraordinary people cannot live naturally. The end of age.

Why must I take a few years of life? Leonard asked subconsciously.

Mobate picked up the wine glass, took a sip, and replied slightly confused: It

‘s already “parasitic”, I must steal something it

Leonard recovered, somewhat stunned asked, you also called the old man?

of course, we call him the old man, Oh, no expressed opposition. Mobei Te suddenly sighed, my great-grandfather, I haven’t seen it for a long time. It’s been a thousand years, no, two thousand years.

The old man indulged me in calling me old man because it reminds me of some good things in the past. His direct descendants don’t know if Leonard is still alive. Suddenly sighed.

And while Audrey the Justice was amused at the sentence that she had to steal something, she grasped the word in surprise.

This means that the old Mr. Pales Zoroast is an angel. !

Sure enough, Audrey had a certain expectation about this. At

this time, Mobate 新西安夜网 also keenly produced a key word:

also? Why do you want to say “Yes”? Are you also called the old man?

Leonard nodded seriously. .

Mobei Te got a little confused, but also carefully looked at Leonard glances:

? Do you have the blood of our Zoroastrians family

. I do not know Leonard truthfully answer

Mobei Te shook his head:

unlike unlike, what could the old man suffered a major blow, with some changes.

I know Leonard appropriate, and said:

. almost killed ‘blasphemer’ Ammon, to now have not restored

“Gero Searle’s Travels is currently placed on top of the gray fog. It doesn’t matter if the real name of a god is mentioned in it. Anyway, it will not be perceived. Therefore, Klein, Leonard, and Audrey can speak freely. The matter of

Mont Adam . The powerful 西安耍耍网 and terrifying ancestor of the Amon fa