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c organized and experienced this year?”

I nodded.

She asked me in surprise: “Do you own the territory 西安夜生活第一论坛网 over there?”

I coughed slightly and nodded again.

She asked me again: “So, which duke is in charge of that plane?”

I replied: “Duke Samoyed.”

Mrs. Alia knew all the nobles in the imperial capital. Of course she also knew Duke Samoyed. Listen When it came to his name, Mrs. Alia’s eyes lit up and she said to me, “It turned out to be him! No wonder he did not hesitate to offend Duke Ryan Busman before, 西安夜生活论坛 but he also stood up to help you with a clear stand. With a large territory on that plane, it is big enough to build a town!”

I corrected: “It’s just a small town, not a town!”

“That’s pretty good too. I didn’t expect you to be so young. It’s a little lord.” Mrs. Alia said happily.

Mrs. Alia looked around, with a trace of contempt in her eyes.

There are many wine shops on this street, and many nobles and magicians like to come here for a drink.

She leaned into my ear and said, “Speaking of the imperial capital, the streets are full of nobles. How many rich private territories can there be?”

Every noble with a rank has a private territory of its own, just like I, when I was studying at Ayr City Junior College of Magic, I also owned private territory, but it was a barren land, which can also 西安耍耍网 be interpreted as a land of an abandoned plane where resources have been mined. Those dukes We have a lot of barren land like that in our hands.

As for the rich territory, it was precious to the nobles.

These territories require the nobles to organize their own combat teams to fight on the undeveloped and rich planes. The occupied territories will be distributed according to the four-three-three distribution system, 西安夜网论坛 and part of the land will be dedicated to the Royal Family of the Green Empire and the masters of the plane. Those who are down belong to themselves.

Mrs. Alia said: “But building a small town is a very energy-consuming task. Is it really okay if you are still going to school in