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He drove the carriage quickly away from Nanlu Street, and if he didn’t leave, I was afraid that his two horses would have limp legs on the street. Because at the entrance of this luxurious hall, a row of golden horse carriages driving dragon horses is parked impressively, for ordinary Gubolai horses. Seeing Ryoma only immediately collapsed to the ground. But the coachman was not surprised at all, because the hall’s door plate was filled 西安夜网论坛 with magic silver with four characters “Heaven on Earth”.

The mage robe worn by Mo Xiang is still just the uniform of the teachers at the Sluoyt School of Magic, regardless of material or craftsmanship. Definitely not top-notch. But the black robe and the uniform magic pattern clearly told everyone that standing in front of them was the teacher of the Sloit School of 西安夜生活第一论坛网 Magic. Of course, everyone will clearly think that even if Mo Xiang’s salary is one month’s salary, it’s not enough to eat a meal here, even sitting in the hall with a fire-based magic circle made of pure gold with mithril. Chair by the dining table. Just drink a glass of light magic spring water, and you also need three gold coins. In the resplendently decorated hall, almost all 新西安夜网 tables are equipped with a fire circle drawn with mithril. This kind of magic circle is only used to keep the exquisite dishes on the table from getting cold.

The waiter standing at the door saw Mo Xiang approaching, and the calm expression made the waiter slightly startled. What I wanted to say was actually stuck in his chest, Mo Xiang calmly carried a vigorous aura, and his gentle and majestic eyes made the waiter know for a moment that he 新西安夜网 should be silent sometimes. There is a natural aristocracy in the real aristocracy. Noble temperament, just like this young boy wearing only the costume of a lecturer at the Sroyt School of Magic, the elegant smile on his face makes people feel like spring breeze.

Mo Xiang just stretched out a hand in the magic robe, and the long robe sleeves slowly slipped off his white 西安桑拿网 arm, revealin