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eds to beware. In addition, the little vampire girl he had been optimistic about in the clan has also been brought, and is now arranged in his magic tower.

Now that he agreed to accept 西安夜网论坛 Elizabeth as his student, he couldn’t ignore it, and he really had a love for talent.

At this time, a servant in the tower sent Huiyao a notebook, saying that the clan’s acting Grand Duke Bairegon asked him to submit it.

This should be what Balegang said, the priest note Huiyao brought back by the female nobleman of the clan who had escaped from Shenwei Prison, opened the title page and took a look.

This is obviously the name of the priest who fell in love with the vampire, Hui Yao, who pondered for a moment, “Now, where is Balegan?”

“Master Balegan said that he needs to rush back to deal with the territory, so he does not stop. I hope you can understand.” The servant replied respectfully.

“Well, let him go.” The Huiyao Pagoda Master nodded. After all, such a big thing has happened in the territory 西安夜生活网 of the other people. Even as the first tower master of the association, there is no reason to force him to stay. .

Huiyao then asked Kuroroya. The servant said that after the werewolf legendary hero came back, he would go to Chiyan Pagoda Master for a drink.

In fact, Kuroroya was relatively Meng Lang in the early years, looking for people to fight everywhere, and Chi Yan could be regarded as a friendship from the past.

The master of Huiyao Pagoda collected the notes at this time, and then ordered: “Bring Elizabeth to see me.”

Since there are so many things to deal with, then start with the one closest to you. After the servants leave, Huiyao Pagoda The Lord slowly closed his eyes.

His spirit is not infinite, and it is also a human being who needs rest, but if he rests, it will waste too 西安夜生活论坛 much time, so he developed a secret technique by himself: the second personality.

This is similar to the so-called artificial intelligence second personality of mankind, which can assist him in handling more than 90% of