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I thought you wanted to retire so early.”

“It’s too early to retire.”

Nanjing Longfeng laughed, “Exciting adventures have all kinds of unimaginable fun, but the dull life will fall into endless dull repetition in one year at most, so we still have fun. Now.”

“I said you two, can you come down and help?” Big Ivan in the patio downstairs shouted, “If you can’t even get 西安桑拿网 down, please close the door. The wind is coming in. I can just wear it. Pajamas.”

“You bastard to freeze to death,” Nanjing Longfeng responded, bending over, grabbing a snowball and throwing it in along the vent on the glass dome.

Chapter 445

Inside the radar station, an enlarged satellite map was printed out and laid out on a long table. The Great Ivan took a red and blue marker and 西安耍耍网 drew two winding lines on the map. “The blue is the Luga River, and the red is the Narva River. The German 502nd Battalion was stationed in early 1944. Between these two rivers.”

“Including the banks of the Narva River?” Elena asked with a frown. The country Narva River is the border between Russia and Estonia, and these two have always been very small. Contradiction, if it is okay in Russia on the east bank of the Narva River, it will be troublesome if it is on the west bank.

“Including both banks of the Narva River!”

Big Ivan nodded and said, “In February 1944, the Soviet Red Army had broken the German encirclement of Leningrad (now St. Petersburg), and the 502nd Battalion was forced to the direction of the Narva River. Retreat, and for a period of time thereafter relying on the temporary defense line on the east 西安夜生活论坛 bank of the Narva River for the final struggle. In history, this battle was called the Battle of Narva Bridgehead.”

“When did the German army fall? “Nanjing Longfeng asked while writing and drawing in his notebook.

The Great Ivan responded without hesitation, “Although the Soviet Red Army had successfully crossed the Narva River and established two bridgeheads at the end of February. In fact, it was not until late July that th