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e are thousands of mountains and rivers ahead, I am not alone.

Chapter 312 The wind is calm and the waves are calm

Three days later.

Amidst the blue, between the sea and the sky, the wind is calm.

The cruise ship cut through the calm sea, leaving ripples and spreading in all directions. The moist sea breeze blows, with a slight fishy smell, which is relaxing.

In the afternoon sun, Ye Qingxuan leaned on the mast, squinted his eyes and looked towards the end of the sky and the ocean, lost and focused.

“Mr. Ye is very dangerous!”

Standing on the deck, the second officer looked up at him, wiping cold sweat, and asked with a smile: “Can you go down a bit?”

At the top of the main sail, Ye Qingxuan leaned against the mast. Looked down at him.

“Don’t worry about me.”

He said, “Just leave me alone.”

“Okay, okay.” The

second mate’s expression stiffened, and he sighed: The official musicians are really strange, and he likes it. Just stay there, as long as nothing happens.

I just don’t know how the captain is going to deal with it himself, as long as he doesn’t get scolded like last time.

He was preparing to go back to the cabin with a bitter 西安夜生活网 face, but he heard a voice above his head.


the young man stared at the sea breeze in the distance, and said lightly: “The boiler in the kitchen is about to explode. Let the repairman pass in five minutes, and there is still a rescue.”

“Huh?” The

second officer was taken aback and reacted immediately. , Hurriedly rushed into the cabin, yelling.

Soon there was a commotion in the sailor, and after the last trivial noise, a few gray-headed repairmen walked out of the captain’s room. It was obvious that the violent captain had just scolded a dog-blood spray.

However, when they looked up at the top of the mast, their eyes were in awe.

In the sky, a majestic and solemn melody echoed at the fingertips of the squinting teenager. The magnificent melody rhythm rippled in the sea 西安夜生活第一论坛网 breeze, resounded in all directions, and spread to a higher