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eft by Professor Dumbledore just now. It says the secret road…fourth floor! Professor Dumbledore asked us 西安夜网论坛 to take a shortcut to the fourth floor through the secret road.” Hermione said excitedly.

Harry and Ron were also very excited, they felt they could do something again.

But where is this secret path?

The three of them were confused, and looked at Ivan together. Since it was the message left by Dumbledore, it proved that someone must know the secret message.

Ivan wanted to say that 西安桑拿网 he didn’t know anything, but considering that he would have to study at Hogwarts for some time in the future, Dumbledore would wear small shoes, so he decided to solve the problem.

“You better be prepared, this secret path is not easy to walk.” Ivan sighed. He didn’t understand how Dumbledore guessed that he knew these secret paths.

Ivan ran all the way with a few people, and then stopped in a path on the first floor 新西安夜网 where there was a statue of a soldier with a sword.

Ivan stretched out his wand and tapped gently on the wall next to the statue.The soldier’s statue suddenly lifted the sword, frightening Ron, and the stone bricks on the back wall were embedded in a narrow passage. It was revealed.

Inside is a weird space, with walls made of bricks up, down, left and right, extending in all directions. These 西安夜生活论坛 walls move and derive constantly as if they have life.

At the moment when everyone paused, the space leading to the left was completely submerged and closed by a huge amount of bricks. Seeing that the standing space was also being swallowed, Ivan hurriedly pulled Hermione and the others away.

All the way to the right, the terrain went higher and higher, and the retreat behind him was also squeezed by new bricks. Ivan suddenly rammed a gray wall. Harry almost thought he was crazy, but Ivan’s body was. Go straight through the wall.

“Hurry up, this secret door will change!”

Ivan’s voice came from the other end. Only then did Harry and the others woke up. This should be similar to the situation on