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in the circle, has rarely appeared in Smolensk since Christmas. Anyone who knows the inside story knows that she is personally leading the White Russians to hunt for treasure in the swamp near the Narva River.

Those who did not know or pretended not to know had already begun to rumors overtly that Vika had been imprisoned by the police 西安夜生活第一论坛网 of the Ministry of the Interior just like the former owner of the Ula Antiques Store, Ivan.

It can be said that the great Ivan came back at 新西安夜网 the right time, and the convoy of ten too dragged vehicles could not be raised by any earthmoving party team. For a while, the earth-moving parties in Smolensk remembered their fear of being dominated by the Great Ivan.

When the car stopped in the lumber factory’s yard, everyone had just moved the Zhukov bronze statue in the container truck into the restoration workshop, and a muddy car drove into the lumber 西安夜生活网 factory.

“Yuri, Ivan, you are finally back.” Sergey, who wrapped himself like a cotton ball, got out of the car with difficulty.

“Your information is still well-informed, we have just returned.” Nanjing Longfeng took the initiative to greet him.

This 西安夜生活论坛 Sergey used to be a staff member of the Smolensk Museum, and was later poached by the female reporter Yelena of the Red Star Terrace to become both a husband and a colleague.

“I have been waiting for you to come back these days.”

Sergey’s enthusiastic Nanjing Longfeng and Big Ivan shook hands, while greeted the club members they knew around, and followed Nanjing Longfeng and Big Ivan as they walked towards them. The two-story building not far away.

“What’s so urgent?” In the meeting room, Nanjing Longfeng and other waiters Liu Xiaoye offered a 西安桑拿网 cup of hot coffee to everyone, then asked unhurriedly.

“Two things”

Sergey put down the coffee cup, “The first thing, the specific time and location of the official excavation activities have been determined.”

“Tell me in detail” Nasha came to be interested, she took out her bag while speaking. My own tablet.

“The bat