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o gender characteristics.

It has a perfect body deconstruction and distinct facial features, but it will be nearly three meters in height.

“Be careful, everyone!” Mrs. Kaia waved at this moment.

Several underwater city fighters raised their weapons in an instant, and they were fully guarded for the next moment, but the weapons in their hands suddenly dropped out.

These sturdy guns were actually crazily twisted at this time, and they were finally crumpled into a ball, and then fell to the ground. Then, the blue giant finally landed on the ground.

A drop of cold sweat appeared on Liu Ge’s forehead. Her current state was actually the worst, not to mention Kukai, even if she let go of the fight with Reyaz, she wouldn’t necessarily win.

Now there is another blue giant.

At this time, while everyone was looking at the blue giant, it was also looking at everyone. Its gaze swept over everyone present, and finally its gaze stopped 西安夜生活网 on Reyaz.

Mrs. Kaia stretched out her hand instantly, which was an instinctive stress response to protect the calf.

But precisely because of Mrs. Kaia’s actions at this time, her body flew out abruptly, smashed to the side, and instantly knocked out a crack in the trunk of a huge ancient tree.


Reyaz was shocked and angry at this time, his blood boiled for a moment, and an unprecedented anger drove his whole body.

“You dare to hit my mother!!”

Reyaz’s legs slammed on the ground in an instant, and his body rushed out like a bullet.

His power has become stronger again?

Liu Ge’s gaze was startled. Although she had always despised Reyaz’s weakness, she never really treated him as rubbish.

How long has it passed since the competition?

It didn’t take long, 西安夜生活第一论坛网 but Reyaz had activated the power of blue blood in time. It took a long time to successfully activate the power of blue blood.

However, despite this, Reyaz’s blue blood power increased quickly, but it was not to an incredible level. At this time, Reyaz was still very weak in her opinion, at most,