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ock slowly rises and increases in value. It surrounds the bodies of the above people and wraps them in it. The square is like a coffin? The

coffin is sinking slowly. It was like taking them deep into the nine places.

I don’t know if this is considered to be in

peace ? Ye Qingxuan’s expression is weird, he smelled the decay in the white ashes, and raised his brows: “”Funeral March”?” “Funeral March”

passed down in the name of Saint Chopin It 新西安夜网 can be said that it has been widely spread, and the music theory is widely used in various schools. In the illusion school, the illusion of death, the kingdom of the dead, and the scene of dancing with bones can be constructed. In the chant school, people can fall into suspended animation, maintain a ray of life, and enter a long sleep.

The change school is more violent. Most of the time, the enemy is put into the coffin and then the fire-powered cremation is carried out. The advantage is that it is enough to save enough, and you can directly burn the enemy to be used to continue to perform the movement next time. Ashes supplies.

In the darkness, Ye Qingxuan thought wildly, and suddenly laughed softly:

“Playing this tune into the grave, shouldn’t it disturb the dead?”

Soon, the sinking trend suddenly 西安夜生活论坛 turned into a fall. Then, with a shock, the iron coffin fell to the ground, as if it had finally passed through the thick rock formation and hit the ground.

Cracks appeared on the sarcophagus, but inside the coffin, there was no strong impact.

Ye Qingxuan pushed aside the coffin board forcefully, climbed out, and took a breath.

The air is smelling of dust and decay, but it is not poisonous. The situation is as expected. It is very good. This is a good start, not a small one, but a great one!

Soon, Ye Qingxuan’s beautiful fantasy was smashed to pieces.

In the screaming, a stone axe pierced through the air, and came out with a cry!



333rd chapter native product

” Fuck !” While shocked, Ye Qingxuan’s body subconsciously flicke