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This is an escape. I almost made you a deserter!”

Putting down the smoked sausage in his 西安夜网论坛 hand, wiping his greasy fingers with a napkin, Hessen said solemnly: “Therefore, there is a special investigation team. Your chief has called you to participate. I agree.”

“For the peace of Tulum Port, For the dead citizens, for your sacrificed colleagues.”

“Joe, work hard. Dig up all those damn guys!”

Hessian 西安夜生活第一论坛网 slapped the table with awe-inspiring violence.

Qiao took a deep breath, struggling to suppress the inexplicable anger in his heart. Very good, Hesse’s decision, he likes it very much.

Tifa with the Beatles in her pajamas floated into the restaurant like a sleepwalker.

Liya grabbed the comb, hairpin and hair band, like Tifa’s shadow, followed Tifa step by step and walked in. As she walked, she quickly tamed Tifa’s long hair that was raised like a hundred reeds. , Weave her a big shiny braid.

Tifa expressionlessly grabbed the milk jug in front of him, turned his face up, opened his 西安夜生活网 mouth, and made a grunt. The liter of milk disappeared.

Put down the milk jug, grabbed ten peeled eggs, and swallowed them in their mouths.

The wind swept away the remaining clouds, and the expressionless Tifa continued to kill a pound of smoked rabbit meat, two 西安耍耍网 pounds of bacon, and five pounds of white bread at an astonishing speed. He patted his belly with satisfaction, and then shivered suddenly. Wake up.


With earth-shattering screams, Tifa grabbed the sterling silver dinner plate in front of him and patted the face of Joe, who was sitting opposite her with an innocent look.

“Joe!!! Did you fall into the toilet?” Tifa villain first complained and roared angrily.

Chapter 15 Naval Club

A four-wheeled carriage drove away from the main entrance of the Ritto House at a constant speed. Liya and a dozen maids stood on the steps in front of the door, smiling gently, watching the carriage in more than 30 families Leaving surrounded by guards.

When the carriage passed the fountain, 西安夜生活论坛 Liya raised her rig