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er and cynicism of the imprisoned. “Gentlemen and ladies. Don’t you know that such a cold place can easily let me Are you sick? If I don’t stand up and move for a while, I’m likely to be cold and bad. I ask you to give me a promotion.”

Judas frowned, obviously he really hates this so-called noble doing Pie, “I hope you have enough activity, otherwise it will be colder in the middle of the night.”

“You rude people!” Her Majesty the Queen suddenly scolded.

Catherine just sneered, but ignored 新西安夜网 it. Instead, she glanced at Lancelot on the ground, “This guy, haven’t you woke up yet?”

“What the hell did you do to her!” Her Majesty continued to scold her.

“Let me see if I’m dead.” Catherine sneered, and was about to pass the queen.

Unexpectedly, Her Majesty the Queen at this time but frown blocked, continued angrily said: “?! You have to get her in this way, she also intends to continue to hurt you in my capacity as the Queen of the British ask you to immediately stop this outrageous behavior,”

“bad Old lady.” Catherine snorted softly.

“Forget it.” Judas said indifferently: “Caesar is just letting us take a look. There is no need to argue with her. Her Majesty, if you feel cold, I will come back and send you a blanket. ”

I also asked for a pot of hot tea, and I better bring 西安夜生活第一论坛网 more fresh milk. I need fresh milk to sleep peacefully!”

“Are you treating this as a hotel? Dead old woman!! You may not know your own.” Situation?” Is it

really easy for women to embarrass women? Qiu Das shook his head, pulled the hand to hand Catherine, go out into the outside Chequ, “Well, no milk, hot water, then sent it touches can give you a little nothing to do, it had a good stay.”

When the door After it was closed, Her Majesty the Queen slowly sighed.

She listened to the door for a long time before saying: “Okay, they should have gone far away. The child, am I right? I can do it well.”

Lancelot sat up and looked gratefully. She glanced at the Queen’s Majesty in front of her.

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