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” –You and me today Celebrate the cup, and may the fertile soil of the world be

covered with wheat ears.” The sound of silt surging.

In the empty wine glass, a viscous, creamy liquid suddenly

appeared, and the speed of the liquid multiplication was incredibly fast, and 西安耍耍网 there were continuous fine bubbles emerging. Although it did not look weird, it made it. People are hairy instinctively and fear from the heart.

Land and food are the basis of life’s dependence. Once lost, terrible plague and famine will follow immediately, with invisible hunger and torture.

Even the son of Phoenix who kept it couldn’t help taking a step back, swallowing and spitting.

Temperance is terrible, but Ye Qingxuan’s manufacturing speed is even more terrifying. The venom that used to require several masters to work together to create the venom, at this moment, spews out like a spring.

“What are you still doing?” Igor reacted first: “The barrel! The barrel!” The

trash can was emptied, and the whole was in front of Ye Qingxuan. Ye Qingxuan poured the wine glass, and the viscous 西安桑拿网 liquid leaned out of the skull wine glass. Almost half of the bucket was filled.

When the barrel was put down, it was replaced by a kind of weird metal rich in grease by musicians of the School of Change, in order to prevent the erosion of toxins.

But it was already completely isolated, but there was a tragic emerald green on the floor where the bucket was placed, corroded, rusted, and mottled quickly.

“–Enough! Enough! Stop more!”

When the venom reached two-thirds, the son of Phoenix hurriedly stopped Ye Qingxuan and carefully raised the bucket, maintaining the fragile metal balance.

Just so, I was already sweating.

Ye Qingxuan’s face also turned pale, loosened the wine glass, took a step back, and took a breath: “I will leave the next extraction process to you. The rest will strengthen the hull.

Captain, I’m not familiar with the battle at sea. How to fight, listen to you.”

“Since we have a ballista in ou