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And, He obviously collected enough information to know that Dawn Dantes and the Dark Night Church have a certain relationship with Senator Macht and the forces behind him. If you deal directly with it, it will easily cause unnecessary trouble, so he chose to trade. Caron on one side is the breakthrough, which is more indirect and safer, but the same fierce and vicious.

This didn’t take the lives of ordinary people to heart at all. Klein suddenly remembered the innocent people who fell in the Backlund 西安夜生活网 Great Smog incident, and anger emerged uncontrollably in his heart. They grumbled and went up again. Icy

Klein used the clown’s ability to control his facial expressions, making himself more stunned, and asked as if he didn’t understand clearly:

Are you sure you are joking?西安桑拿网 The

leading police officer nodded solemnly and said:

If there are not enough clues to support, we are not. Will come to disturb you such a 西安夜生活论坛 gentleman.

Mr. Dawn Dantes, please follow us back to the police station to cooperate with the investigation.

Klein, who was calm and not angry, was about to respond, and suddenly caught an illogical The point:

No matter what, in the current Kingdom of Loen, killing is a felony. With the identity, status and network of Baron Sindras, it is necessary to deal with a foreign rich man who has just arrived in Backlund for two months, at least There are dozens of effective methods, and there is no need to get to this level. You

must know that the upper class 新西安夜网 people at his level should be able to understand or be exposed to certain extraordinary powers, and know the world well. There are all kinds 西安夜网论坛 of incredible ways to track down the real culprit. If you are not completely sure, risking murder and framing is definitely the most inferior choice.

If Baron Sindras can use his own power to forcefully suppress the official Extraordinary Investigating, then he must use other methods to be more effective and simpler!

Even if he is not yet clear about my upcoming cooperation wi