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relaxed, Alger Then he slowed down his pace, allowing the vocal cords to vibrate at any time.

Suddenly, those figures seemed to be sensing, and at the same time, they stopped the movements in their hands, turned their bodies neatly, and looked at the two outsiders.

They were pale, or withered fur, or ulcerated, and none of them seemed to be alive.

There are extraordinary creatures driving the corpse to build a palace for itself? Klein’s gaze passed over them, cast a further distance, and saw a diagonal Looking at the dark cave deep in the ground, the surrounding weeds fell down, and several white feathers stained with light butter were scattered. The

feathered dead Klein thought of the by-product of the spiritual sect’s artificial death plan, and thought of that Let himself grow the breath of feathers.


The lord of this area will not be weak. He made a calm judgment.

At this time, Alger, who had been watching carefully for a while, hesitated for two seconds, and proposed:

I have never seen anything like this before. Circumstances, I don’t know the level of this transcendent creature. Why don’t you go around it and choose a more sure target?

He intuitively thinks that something extremely 西安耍耍网 dangerous is hidden in that dark cave.

Just waiting for you to say that! Klein, who was created by Man Sparrow, breathed a sigh of relief, and

he said :

Isn’t it polite? Just as his voice fell, the surface suddenly trembled, and it seemed that some creature turned over below!

:. :


75. Bad luck. Feeling the trembling of the earth, Alger’s heart tightened.

He glanced at Gehrman Sparrow and replaced words with actions. The wind whistled around him sharply, helping him to Running from the side is easier and faster.

Alger did this directly because he was worried that Gehrman Sparrow was suddenly crazy and decided to hunt the horrible creatures hidden in the dark cave. That way, even if he could win in the end , It must be extremely detrimental to subsequent exploration.

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