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in my hand. I could feel the plasma ball being pinched by me. The powerful power released at the moment of breaking, carefully let the broken electric snakes disperse, and I almost collapsed on the sofa.

It seems that in the future, you can’t practice magic skills in the magic car casually. If you don’t control it, the overflowing magic elements may spread to the companions in the car.

When the magic caravan arrived at the mountain pass, the sky was already dark, and we passed the pass at the last minute of closing the city gate.

This way we can get to the airport town before dawn, but the coachman has to stay up all 新西安夜网 night driving hard. Fortunately, this is a straight downhill road, and there are hero statues and roadbeds on both sides, even if the coachman is asleep, he will not leave. What a dangerous situation.

Seeing that both Alia and Betty were asleep, I did not choose to dine in a restaurant outside the pass, but bought five barbecues and went straight on the road.

Maybe Alia and Betty were exhausted, and even 西安夜生活网 though the car smelled of barbecue, neither of them awoke.

The magic caravan has only stopped twice on the road. After all, the Gubola horse that is pulling the cart still needs feeding and drinking. Until late at night, I want to sleep on a narrow soft leather sofa with my arms around Katerina, but Katerina is cheeky. Bo, why didn’t he agree, pointed me at Alia, and whispered to me: “Go! I can pretend that 西安桑拿网 I can’t see anything like I usually do.”

My face flushed, and my expression was ashamed. Smiled, a little guilty.

In the end, Catalina still softly agreed to my request and squeezed on the soft leather sofa with me, but the tight light leather armor on her body refused to take it off anyway. We just spent time on the magic caravan. One night.

When I woke up, Catalina was nowhere to be seen, and 西安夜生活网 there was still some residual warmth on the soft leather sofa. I got up from the sofa and found that the positions of Alia and Betty were also empty.

He hurriedly got up from