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m just making a little joke. You should know the Eye 西安耍耍网 of Detecting.” Bok used a flying curse to call the Eye of Explorer back. He waved his hands and said apologetically, but he didn’t get a wand. Pointing with a panic look, he pointed to Ivan.

“Besides, isn’t Mr. Hals okay?”

Aisia turned to look at Ivan, and saw that he shook his head at himself with a relaxed look, and then put the wand away with a gloomy face.

This is also related to Aysia’s understanding 新西安夜网 of the effect of the Detecting Eye. If this is a lethal magic item, then she would never have been so fooled.

Ivan was relaxed on the surface, but he was afraid for a while. Knockover Alley looked more dangerous than he thought. He almost walked away. This was still under the shelter of Aysia.

If possible, Ivan would like to tear it down with Aysia.

But it is extremely unwise to fight 西安夜生活网 against a shopkeeper in a dark magic shop. No one knows how many trigger-type magic items the other party has placed in the shop. Moreover, Bok is completely confident, so Ivan took the initiative to pretend to be indifferent. Looks like, stopped this conflict.

“As an apology, I can give this little gadget to Little Hals.” Bok looked like a lack of interest from beginning to end, but at this time he was curious about 西安夜生活论坛 Ivan and was able to resist the eye of exploration. There are not many wizards, but he has seen this one at such a young age.

“No, I’m not interested.” Ivan shook his head.

“Put away your tricks.” Esiah also didn’t give a good face, and was really in no mood to stay here more, grabbing Ivan’s wrist, and walking towards the door.

“What is the function of the same thing as the eye just now? Is it 西安夜生活第一论坛网 called the Detecting Eye?” Ivan asked when he went out.

At the same time, Ivan stared around and found that it was a narrow alley. The walls on both sides were made of red bricks, but it was obviously lacking in maintenance. The bricks on the right had some green moss. Some red bricks were even partially corroded.

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