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shark kicked the scar shark’s head into the sea, and then turned to look at the exit of the waterway of the Octopus Leg Bay.

“The instructor said that Sorens is going to trade this time, surely it’s too good or bad?” White Shark grinned: “Great Al, praise the 西安夜网论坛 great Al, so, there are Al’s brothers on the shore?” On the

three battleships , A large group of pirates suddenly pounded their assassins to their companions.

The fire bludgeon was insanely excited, and the sword slashed hysterically; the projectile penetrated the fragile, and the sword chopped off a limb. Blood was splashing, and the tragic howls of the pirates who were attacked were endless. 西安夜生活第一论坛网

The white shark jumped up suddenly, and with the help of the rope of the sail, he jumped to the top of the highest main mast in three or two.

Standing lightly on the top of the mast with one foot, the white shark raised the long sword in his right hand high: “I am the white shark. I declare that I am the new leader of the Bloodsail Pirates. The obedient will live, and the rebels will die!” The

three main 西安夜生活网 battleships , The pirates loyal to Solrance and Scar Shark were slaughtered in a very short time.

Beside the three main battleships and on several auxiliary battleships, the bewildered pirates glanced at each other, and then knelt on the deck.

On those medium-sized cargo ships, the pirates kneeled on the deck more cleverly than anyone else.

In the Bloodsail pirate group, the pirates working 西安夜生活论坛 on the cargo ship are all the bottom members of the pirate group, the real backbone, all on the battleship. These low-level members don’t have the slightest loyalty to Sorens. Whoever has the big fist, they will go with them. This is the unspoken rule of the pirate gang.

“Since everyone supports me, then I will reluctantly take over the position of the leader of the Bloodsail Pirates.” White Shark smiled 新西安夜网 with satisfaction: “Please also believe that as long as the brothers follow me sincerely, I promise ”

white shark some encouraging Declaration inau