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old flying broom is still trembling.

He didn’t hesitate to play, and he landed on the ground quickly. If the flying broom breaks, it’s not fun to fall from above. He hasn’t learned the Damping Curse.

“What’s wrong.” George asked puzzled. .

“my broom trembling, as if to feel bad.” Albert a look of frustration.

“broom might be too old, will tremble when my broom flying too high.” Fred He looked at George helplessly.

“Mine will be slightly to the left.” George also said about the broomstick.

“It won’t fly for now.” Albert said, “I’m going to look at that first.”

He pointed to the Quidditch in the locker room, which Charlie specifically lent to a few people to read.In Charlie’s words, as a Quidditch lover, how could he not read it? What about this book?

Chapter 72 Quidditch Traceability

“Then…you can watch here slowly, let’s go out and fly for a while.” Fred glanced at the flying broom that Albert had placed next to him, and turned around to talk to others People left the locker room together.

Albert picked up the book and flying broomsticks and went to the auditorium, found a place, and opened Quidditch to read carefully:

Quidditch’s name comes from the 西安夜生活网 birthplace of Quidditch.

Albert’s understanding of Quidditch lies only in the simplest common sense.As for the origin of the name, it seems unexpected, but it is reasonable.

In the 11th century, there is a related description in the diary of the witch Getty Kidd who lived near Quidditch Marsh:

One day, a group of people were riding a flying broom to play a ball above Quidditch Marsh, and the ball fell into the witch Getty’s dish. The field was confiscated by her. The

next day, the players did not give up. They made a new ball and started throwing the ball into the woods at the end of the swamp to score points.

On the third day, the players got two. A rock flew up and down in the sky, trying to knock them off the broom.

This was the first ghost ball, the scoring circle and the 新西安夜网 wandering ball.

Albert reached out and