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we can only go out along the track.”

“What’s the matter.” Liu Ge said calmly at this time: “When I came, I also walked along the track all the way, and it won’t take long.”

“In this world, your kind of power hasn’t disappeared yet, hasn’t it?” Mrs. Kaiya said 西安夜生活论坛 nonchalantly.

Liu Ge did not speak. Without the blessing of blue blood power, it would not be fun to pass that difficult orbit.

“You don’t need to hike, you come with me!” Reyaz said quickly at this time.

“Reyaz, you mean Cangxing?!” Helen’s eyes lit up, apparently already knowing what Reyaz 西安夜生活第一论坛网 intends to do.

Reyaz nodded, “Cang Xing should be still nearby, and I haven’t left unless, this time entering the central tower, there are others besides us, and they can also control Cang Xing.”

“It shouldn’t be too late. , Reyaz, lead the way!” Mrs. Kaia said directly at this time.

“Come with me!” In the

front, Reyaz took an energy gun and opened the way, looking focused and cautious. Mrs. Kaia was watching from behind, unavoidably showing a faintly relieved gaze.

“Ryaz, really has grown a lot.” Suddenly, Ryuge’s voice rang in Mrs. Kaia’s ear, only to hear the witch of the underwater city smile and say: “In your heart, it is like this. Think of it as a parent.”

Mrs. Kaiya said calmly:新西安夜网 “As a parent, I think so, what’s the problem?”

“No problem, it’s good.” Liu Ge said with a shrug.

Mrs. Kaia, who originally thought 西安夜生活网 that the witch of the underwater city was going to be ridiculed and ridiculed, was a little surprised when this witch became so talkative?

While he was puzzled, Liu Ge suddenly whispered: “Who knows about Longgang, besides you?”

Mrs. Kaia frowned, “It should be only I know but or Master Karen also knows. , After all, they belonged to the same 西安桑拿网group a long time ago.”

“Why did he tell you this?” Liu Ge finally asked this crucial question, “This is not simply to say where the private money is hidden. Tell you this.”

Mrs. Kaia glanced at Liuge, “If I say, Longgang regards me as his relative, do you believe it?”