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to create a chance for Helen to escape, and finally fell into the mouth of the monster.


It’s just that the siren belongs to the mythical creature after all, and as an adult, there are always some means of self-protection. Although he had fallen into the mouth of the giant monster, he turned 西安夜生活论坛 himself into a giant cocoon and temporarily preserved it.

However, the gastric juice in the giant monster’s body is constantly corroding the giant cocoon. I think it will not be long before the two sirens will be melted away. If many girls Liuge take action and directly kill the two giant monsters.

It was found that the two sirens belonged to Luo boss Three, and he did not place them 西安夜生活第一论坛网 anyway. After getting out of trouble, they would soon emerge from the cocoon, and then naturally they would be found.

The 新西安夜网 reunion of the Siren sisters is just a matter of time.

Here, Reyaz is secretly happy to receive the news of Helen’s sisters, but he has never seen that Karen Master Professor Karen Jin looks at him at this time, it seems a little strange.

Master Karen approached Reyaz calmly at this time, and his eyes revealed a touch of fierce Reyaz, the heir appointed by the emperor, if he were a hostage, would he be safe enough?

Crutches, moving quietly.

“I found your old man.” A

voice came.

Afterwards, the figure of the girl Ryuge suddenly appeared in front of everyone, and Master Karen’s face changed drastically, and 西安桑拿网she violently attacked Reyaz without saying a word.

At the same time, Krypton

Duojin opened his mouth and muttered to himself: “No, this script is not right?” #######

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Chapter 5 Two Blossoms


As a representative of the extraordinary mission of another country, even if it is really closed, it can’t be too ugly. The Huoyun Evil God is not willing to be the Director of the Administration The table was full of complaints and chatted with himself.