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‘s no 西安夜生活网 different from those gangsters in Xiacheng District.This is inevitable.We are just a piece of gear in this huge machine.I can’t actually decide what we can do.

You should not be responsible for the death of those children, and in the final analysis, it is Gao Wen Killing them has nothing to do with you.

Joey stubbornly shook his head, he looked very painful.

This is not the same as the Kestrel . It was a crime 西安桑拿网 to watch when you were not there.

There was blood all over the shirt, and Joey suddenly realized In the loss of control he just accidentally injured himself, his elbow was knocked, and the faint red dyed his white sleeves.

He tore off the piece of fabric uncontrollably, and then threw it away forcefully, as if avoiding What a monster.

Obviously Joey terrible state at the moment. He 西安夜网论坛 didn’t pull up the folding knife and chop himself. He was already considered excellent self-control. Kestrel looked at him sadly. He knew Joey well Why is this so?

Monsters are taboo monsters. There is a price to fight against that kind of monster. The pain may be the slightest of them, and the most common price is mental torture.

No matter what kind of protection, It is the post-war recuperation.The 西安夜生活论坛 erosion will eventually affect the fragile will, and over time some mental illnesses will be born.This is why the retirement of the knight who cleans the organization is not judged based on age, but based on mental state.

Joey’s significant influence is cleanliness, but it is not so much cleanliness that it is to hate blood splashing on himself. After experiencing that incident, he became like this, and there are many 西安耍耍网 people similar to him, such as Shrike , He always carries weapons with him. His favorite is the revolver called Death Knell. There are many examples of this.

Sometimes Kestrel even feels that Lorenzo’s paranoia towards demons is also an erosional influence. They found the weakness of the will and magnified the defect infinitely.

The Kestrel sighed helplessly and sat next to Joey