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emely harsh and aberrant environment, fanatical cultists, fallen angels, and a group of wandering groups. Amon, a mythical creature hiding in the dark, watching all the evil gods somewhere here, the residual divine power that I can mobilize and others can provoke is worthy of the land of God’s abandonment, and the degree of danger is far beyond my previous imagination Klein After sighing, he turned his 西安桑拿网 attention back to the matter of the Black Demon Wolf.

Frankly speaking, Klein didn’t think he had any advantage in tracking this mythical creature, whether it was his knowledge of the God Abandoned Land or the target situation. For sure, he is far worse than Amon, who has explored here for more than a thousand years, and the true Creator

‘s favored followers who are fighting at home. 西安夜生活第一论坛网 My only advantage is that I am in the same way as the Wu’an Demon Wolf, and I have ‘Source Fort’, the extraordinary characteristics between each other have a strong tendency to converge, which will have a certain effect on fate and judgment.However, Amon is the king of angels in a similar way, and there is also a convergence of extraordinary characteristics between the wolf The law, the effect is not much worse than mine. Klein thought 西安夜网论坛 about it for a while, and suddenly he found his biggest advantage.

That advantage is:

he is very weak!

Compared with Amon, the real creator waiter, and the black magic wolf , He is very weak!

Under normal circumstances, this is a disadvantage, but sometimes, it may not be able to bring what Klein wants.

My low level and poor strength means that I can in turn 西安耍耍网 become the hunting target of the Wusha Demon Wolf. He is very difficult, it is better to let him come to me! An’ancient scholar’ may not be interesting to the Wu’an Demon Wolf, but if this’ancient scholar’ can also provoke the’Source Fort’, that’s another matter. You can inspire the’Source Fort’ from time to time, or leave behind the gray mist, and fish out the Wu’an Demon Wolf. Klein thinks about 西安夜生活网 it, the more he feels that