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ow Gobalot, or the third law of Gobalot. In addition , I am using the reading app recently , [\米\米\读\app\\] There are many sources of books, all books, and fast updates!

“Okay, old man, just treat it as we met at a party, maybe whoever left that day.” The old wizard is very optimistic.

“Come on, TOFDI. Your age is much older than us.” Someone couldn’t help muttering.

“Next time, you guys don’t invite me anymore. This trip will be quite frustrating. The whole body is about to fall apart.” Another old wizard complained.

“You are not as old as I am. And, you are not Nico, you have osteoporosis at this age?”


Tofordi shook his head. “Remember to drink some milk every day.”

“By the way, isn’t it a long time since you can’t come to the party?”

“Bad told me that there will be a newcomer this year, and it is said that he is still a genius. I must come and have a look.” Professor Tofodi is not very good at alchemy, but he is interested in the genius of Bud Browd. And What they call not good at is just not good at compared to those who are sitting again. For a

moment, the house elves appeared in the hall with a drink, and gave everyone their favorite drink.

“Torse, if If you don’t like it, you can add some sugar cubes to the milk.” Professor Tofty suggested with a smile.

“Only Dumbledore would do this. At my age, I cannot eat too sweet food.” The name is called. The old wizard of Thors couldn’t 西安桑拿网 help complaining.

“Dumbledore never thought he was old.” The

old men rudely teased Dumbledore who was not going to come to the party. Most of them already knew each other. I haven’t paid much attention to these things for many years.

It’s probably because I’m a little bit older, my ears are a little unintelligible, and I speak loudly. The

famous Nico Leme was actually ridiculed by them as suffering from osteoporosis? Dumbledore also often eat sweets with diabetes, but not afraid of things.

Albert skinned shake slightly, in the hall outside his all heard clearly, and he really did not k