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ills, the better, but Ivan is flying better. It’s getting worse and worse…Occasionally, it will return to normal levels at times of danger.

Wood couldn’t help asking, Ivan bit to death and said that it must be because of too frequent training. Give him a few more days off, and the combination of work and rest is the reason!

“Well, let’s suspend training for a few days. !” After Ivan 西安桑拿网 insisted repeatedly, Wood had to compromise. 西安夜网论坛

More importantly, after these days of training, Harry, as a target, could no longer stand it, and desperately needed a rest.

“Huh, I can finally rest,” Harry sighed in relief when he learned that he 西安夜生活第一论坛网 was finally not in training, and then complained again. “Can’t Captain Wood change someone to be the target? It’s me every time…”

“Who makes you fly the best in the Gryffindor team? George and the others can’t dodge my ghost ball. “Ivan said jokingly.

“Come on, I’m not as good as you.” Harry rolled his eyes. He witnessed Ivan’s presence a few days ago, and made such a super-difficult movement of gliding on the ground. He doesn’t dare now. try.

Ivan smiled but didn’t say anything, he was far from reaching this level under normal conditions.

Besides, Ivan didn’t have much interest in the Quidditch competition. I participated this time to see how much impact my participation in the championship will have on the final rewards at the end of the semester.

Secondly, I also want to experiment to see if this can gain some legendary points…

Harry 西安夜生活网 talked with Ivan all the way about flying skills, and after returning to the dormitory, he was thinking about going to Hagrid together during the rest of the few days. As a guest,

this proposal was rejected by Ivan. There was a reason why he was so anxious to request a vacation from Wood. Under his estimation, 西安桑拿网tomorrow would be the next full moon night.

It also meant that he no longer had to hold that damn leaf all the time. After this month, Ivan was so uncomfortable that he almost swallowed the leaf several times…