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the same wisdom as intelligent creatures. 西安桑拿按摩 As the white dragon lord’s research on the soul becomes more and more deep, the more white dragon is feeling the mystery of the soul, the soul is not a pure energy body, it has a complex structure far exceeding biological organs, perhaps only the biological brain can

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‘t wear it anyway, so let me use it. Annie looked at it over and over and said happily. The transparent crystal with colorful light is very appetizing to her, especially when I think of it being filled with gold, I like it more and more I look at it. Now the entire alpine fort logistics is in charge of me, and there is a space ring for transfer convenience. a lot of. Okay~ Richard~ Two pear vortices appeared on her cheeks, and the honey in her voice was sweet enough to kill bees. You are thinking about fart! Lord Lord snatched it back viciously and rolled his eyes. I can’t wear a chain and hang it on my neck? Annoyed that Annie’s chest rose and fell violently, her teeth creaked. By the way, I’m so confused, I forgot to tell you something. Buckland slapped his forehead, full of regret. Since the news that you have defeated the two dragon riders in San Jose came back, there are many noble families who want to send their second son to you as a trainee knight. I haven’t responded yet, you see. ? Trainee knight? Richard was taken aback. Nowadays, it is very popular among Pompeii nobles to send the second son to the homes of other nobles they are familiar with. The second son without inheritance rights will live in the teacher’s house and learn everything related to martial arts and warfare in order to find a way out as an adult. He had known for a long time that the model was nothing unusual, it was the apprentice of the high-end version. But even if it is self-evaluation, the lord feels that there is really no confidence to teach the apprentice. It’s not bad to be able to find me, and it doesn’t have to be something to learn. Buckland knew that he must have no idea about this, and patiently explained: It’s just that you are well-known right now. With this level of reputation, you will be better off in the future. Ugh! Old Baihu sighed. It was ridiculous to say that these little guys who hadn’t even met the trainees, many of them brought a team of regular knight followers, and their origins were not ord