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t about the safety of returning to the real world.

He already has a certain understanding of the starry sky. As long as he subconsciously turns the corresponding thoughts, he will directly establish contact with those old and foreign gods. , Was eroded!

If it hadn’t been for the source of the castle to have cut off the previous contact, I would not dare to return to reality Klein thought for a while, decided to ask my psychologist Miss Justice to help hypnotize myself, and seal the corresponding information deep in the subconscious.

He can’t remember until he sees the set prompt. He originally wanted to directly summon the 西安耍耍网 justice 西安夜生活网 projection in the historical pore to do this, but considering that this is a delicate work, if the manipulator does not have a deep understanding of the spiritual realm, it is very likely to be There are some errors, and once there are errors, the eyes of the old and foreign gods will be cast over.

Phew, remember to let Miss Justice hypnotize yourself and forget this matter Klein weighed it for a while, turned the corresponding request into a streamer, and invested It was the crimson star representing justice.

Not long after breakfast, Audrey the Justice, who had not left home, came to the gray mist. The

long bronze table has disappeared, and there is a place in the ancient palace. A desk and two chairs.

Mr. World, what do you want to forget this time? Audrey looked at Gehrman Sparrow sitting opposite, and asked the most critical question.

Klein rubbed it. Rubbing his forehead, he secretly said the starry sky, the old days, the outer gods, etc. in a low voice.

This made Audrey the Justice’s eyes widen a little bit, and the whole person seemed to be invaded by the evil god.

Waiting until Klein finished speaking, She was silent for several seconds, and in the same low voice, she said in a slightly 新西安夜网 confused voice:

This is the truth of the end?

Even the Seven Gods can’t save us?

Without waiting for Klein’s response, Audrey laughed at herself:

I thoug