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Wa Hana smile look darker:

Mr. Tang Taisi, you know social occasions popular with women welcome the gentleman 西安夜网论坛 is what it?

I do not know frankly Klein shook his head.

W Hana smiled unabatedly and said: The

second most popular is the man who makes women think he is smart. The

first? Klein asked in cooperation.

Wahana glanced at him and said: The

first most popular is to make women. A man who thinks he is very smart.

When she said this, she smiled and didn’t speak any more, but Klein understood her hidden compliment.

This is Roen’s subtlety, not like Intis, who are all running Going with the lower part of the body, these are all reports in newspapers and magazines.What the real Intis social field looks like cannot be determined based on this.Anyway, the two countries always slander each other in the era of the emperor, but it fits that description of Klein. Suddenly nodded. The 西安夜生活第一论坛网

two-hour etiquette course came to an end in such a harmonious atmosphere. Klein took the butler Walter and the personal servant Richardson to send Mr. Wahana Hesen to the door. , Gave her a small gift. It

was Derem’s moonlight perfume, which was mixed with gray amber, and the price was quite expensive.

As for the specifics, Klein didn’t know how much it was, because it was the butler Walter who bought it and spent it. When I 西安夜生活网 walked from the housekeeper, when the 1,000 pounds was almost spent and new funds were needed, Tanya would look for him to review with the bills and forms.

The reason why Klein knew which company and what perfume it was was because the housekeeper told him in advance so that when Ms. Wahana asked, he didn’t know anything and seemed not sincere enough.

From these details, he 西安耍耍网 deeply understood The role of a good housekeeper.

Watching the satisfied Ms. Vahana Hesson leave, Klein resisted the urge to rub her forehead, and heartily sighed in his heart:

This is more tiring than fighting an Extraordinary. You must always pay attention to your actions. , I must take a break for