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and accompany him. she was.

He could only force himself to raise his head to look at her last one last look, as the last apologetic father for the name he could not bear.

Just look at this last look and you will forget it later.

西安夜生活第一论坛网 He slowly raised his head and looked at her who was pinched by the back of his neck.

“This is…our.” He was amazed by what he saw before him, as if all true and false things were all mixed together in an instant, “Our child!”

He threw away the bone axe in his hand and hugged her directly in his arms. He looked at the woman excitedly, “Look! Beeches! This is our child, she is not a monster! She is Normal! Hahaha!! Normal!” The

woman 新西安夜网 cried with joy.

They hugged each other, and her in the arms of the two of them slowly split open the mouth full of jagged teeth, like a smile.

It turns out that it can make others like herself. When the

girl’s sanity recovered a little, she no longer saw Dani.

It’s just that the murder weapon that chopped her countless knives was thrown on the ground 西安夜网论坛at will. The girl hesitated about why she could wake up.

She suddenly felt the strangeness coming from all over her body. She raised her head, and then saw a scene that she could not understand so far.

I saw a heart that was not beating very much. At this moment, it was hanging upside down above her head. From the blood vessels in the atrium of the heart, there were dark red muscle fibers that resembled blood vessels.

These 西安耍耍网 fibers are like weaving a spider web, and Buzzby’s heart is at the center of the spider web at this time, and then more muscle fibers grow from the other atrium and spread to the girl’s own body. .

Covering all the wounds cut by Tang Dao on her body, the muscle fibers that adhered to the wound even grew a lot of flagella, which infiltrated her body little by little.

The 西安桑拿网 blood splashed out when she was hacked can no longer be seen on the ground.

The blood that flowed out was absorbed little by little, and then sent back to the girl’s body with the v