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time ago, and we will have a helper when we get to the desert.

” When did you arrange it?” Nanjing Longfeng asked with a dazed expression.

“That’s early” He Tianlei smiled silly, but he was obviously not ready to say it so early.

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“Surely reliable” He Tianlei flicked the cigarette butt away, “Squad leader Wang, don’t worry, I have a story in my heart.” Squad leader

Wang sighed, patted He Tianlei’s shoulder hard, and turned to walk towards The direction of the front of the car.

“When did you arrange it?” Nanjing Longfeng asked unwillingly after waiting for monitor Wang to leave.

“Last time we came to Africa,” He Tianlei said in a low voice.

“Last time”

Nanjing Longfeng raised his head in surprise, “Those Tuareg people who asked us to trade fresh water?!”

“That’s them” He Tianlei snapped his fingers, “Let’s go, they have already waited for us in the desert. It’s been a long time.” 西安夜生活第一论坛网

“You talk about what’s going on first?” Nanjing Longfeng was aroused by curiosity.

“The Tuaregs are not very popular in southern Mali, but they still have a lot of face in the northern desert area.”

He Tianlei opened the door of the cab and finally explained, “Last time we only gave them an off-road vehicle. In addition, I also left tens of thousands of dollars in cash and a satellite phone for their patriarch. The development of their small tribe in the past two years is pretty good, and you will know when you wait.”

“Yes, Leizi” Nanjing Longfeng He patted the other party on the shoulder, “If you can pinch it, will you know that we can use those black robes?”

“If you can’t pinch, it will count.”

He Tianlei sighed, “A large part of the terrorist attacks in Mali are It was caused by the 西安夜网论坛 Tuareg people. I was just to make a good relationship at the time. I gave them money to let them go to the camp where I had stayed. It’s nothing but misfortune.”

“Listen to it?” Nanjing Longfeng has a lot