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usly doesn’t need it.

On the other hand is a broom. Albert looked at his introduction: Runaway Broom .

when a sorcerer attempts to ride it flying through the air, brooms will be reversed, so that witches on broomsticks upside down, and there are crazy rotation, the speed brakes and other people thrown to 5 modes.

brooms most can fly It is 3 meters high.

This is also a toy broom, the price is 15 gallons.

Albert’s face twitched, and he turned to look at Fred, George and Lee Jordan. The three were choosing props on the counter on the other side. He walked over and saw that there 新西安夜网 was a bar of soap in the row of cabinets, and there were some black spots in the

soap. Frog egg soap.

This is the introduction of that joke prop . When it is used for cleaning, it will become more and more dirty.

Next to these soaps are teacups. Albert did not reach out to touch, because there is a label on it, biting the nose teacup.

Once someone takes the teacup to drink tea, it will suddenly bite the person’s nose and spill the 西安夜生活网 teacup. Hot tea in the room.

Okay! If you are

not careful, it is estimated that even wizards will be recruited.

“What are you going to buy?” Albert asked.

“Big dung bomb.” The twins said in unison.

“Hiccups and squeaks Sugar.” Albert was too embarrassed to not buy anything, so he bought a few candies.

Hiccups are a hard-throated candy 西安耍耍网 that will continue to hiccup for five minutes after eating. As for the cheeky candy, it looks like a candy Little mouse, Fred took the initiative to try one, and he screamed like a mouse when he took a bite, as if he really bit a little mouse. His mouth grew big in fright, and the gummy in his mouth fell to the ground. a.

“how taste like?” Albert asked, curious.

“good, ordinary candy.”

“What did you buy?” Albert looked at Lee Jordan. 西安夜生活第一论坛网

“I want to buy this?” he was referring to Pointing to a frisbee with sharp teeth on it.

“This is a spiked flying saucer.” Joko picked up a frisbee and threw it out. All four of them heard a roar from th