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n the previous few months, she only had nearly 10,000 pounds 西安夜生活论坛 in cash, and she could just scrape it together. Satisfy the requirements.

Seeing the world Gehrman Sparrow nodded, she was relieved and said:

I will pay by Friday. After

finalizing this matter, I was relieved because Hvin Rambis was dealt with. Many of her moods are getting better, and she talks like:

The adult mind dragon in the “Sun” has the complete brain, I will also buy it, but it won’t be so anxious, Susie didn’t finish the’hypnotist’ potion so quickly

Speaking of this, Audrey glanced at Mr. World not too embarrassedly:

What do you need to exchange for the demigod characteristics of Hvin Rambis?

Klein smiled and said:

I don’t know what I will lack.

Actually . , In addition to the extraordinary characteristics of Hvin Rambis’s’manipulator’, I also have the 新西安夜网 corresponding potion formula. As you digest the’dreamwalker’, I will slowly think about what I need, and let you do something from time to time Things, collect some materials, and strive to let you save enough as soon as possible in exchange for their contribution.

These words made Audrey’s green eyes light up:


After answering, she continued to ask with interest:

this It’s the same as Hugh’s accumulation of contributions at MI9?

Yes, the 西安夜生活第一论坛网 major churches also use this method. Klein gave a positive answer.

Audrey nodded, and finally asked curiously:

Mr. World , Do you know the names of the high-sequence potions of the’audience’ pathway?

Klein simply replied:

manipulator, dream weaver, insight, writer, and sequence 0, daydreamer.

Listening to the names is so exciting, especially It was the writer and daydreamer Audrey who thought about it for a few seconds and brought the topic back on track:

Did Hvin Rambis say what the king’s secret was? Also, what did they help the king for?

On the one hand, she helped Xio ask, on the other hand, she also cared very much about the

king’s secret? He thought. By bypassing the three major contracts sig