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and occasionally the chamber of commerce internally allocates, adjusts the goods, and even uses bulk goods for huge mortgages, etc. Sometimes the goods need to be hoarded in the warehouse for several months.

Near the Old Pier No. 2, huge warehouses are crawling on the ground like monsters.

These warehouses are hundreds of feet long and wide, covering a large area. Some warehouses have a 新西安夜网 history of hundreds of years. They belong to the major chambers of commerce, major families, and some warehouses in Tulum Port. Public.

The goods come in and out here not too frequently.

It’s a bit remote and it’s a huge area.

Because they are all bulky goods and the quantity of goods is huge, I am not afraid of street thieves. Give them one night, how many goods can they carry?

Moreover, 西安桑拿网 behind the warehouses here are giants such as the Rittal, the Wells, and the Turing. Which gang of thieves dare to come here to ask for wildfire?

Over time, the care of the warehouse area of ??the old wharf No. 2 has become riddled with problems, and it is the norm for people to float here. In this vast warehouse area, it is inevitable that some horrible things will happen.

Thunder and lightning flashed 西安夜生活论坛 across the night, and the warehouse area was pale.

In the huge warehouse area, several watchtowers dedicated to night watchmen are brightly lit, but no one is visible. In the corner of the warehouse area, in the small building for the night watchman to rest, there are loud voices and the fragrance of wine and meat.

More than two hundred night watchmen responsible for guarding this warehouse are taking 西安耍耍网 advantage of the good opportunity of the storm to have fun in the small building.

Alcoholism and gambling are the most popular leisure activities for these low-level people who hang around at the pier.

In the small building, there were women’s shrill laughter and screams. Through the glass windows, you could see the chaotic figures in several rooms. Dozens of men and women were entangled together, misty 西安夜生活第一论坛网 and confuse