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ow the established facts?”

“Master Qiao, we don’t want to go against the Rittal family.” Bill smiled extremely humblely: “We just can’t bear the goods in the warehouse. Even if you are running away, you still have to have enough Golden Marks by your side, right?”

“Our family is destroyed, and we dare not fight against the Rittal family. We just want to dispose of the goods in hand and get a sum of money, and then we Leaving the port of Tulum, or even leaving the empire, we go to other countries.”

“The goods in our warehouse are worth tens of millions of gold marks. If we can successfully sell even a small part, we can continue in other countries. Live like the top rich.” Bill whispered, “My family is gone. We just want to make ourselves more comfortable for the rest of our life. Is this wrong?”

Joe laughed after Bill’s low breath .

He looked back at Lan Kikyo: “Kikyo, 西安桑拿网 this doesn’t match what you said yesterday. Does this guy want to deceive me?”

Lan Kikyo spread his hands and said nothing. Yesterday he stood in the shadows behind Bill, Chuck and others, and listened to the secret planning of a group of people on the spot. They were ready to deal with Joe in Lovegang.

“You didn’t expect that Haydn, Doren, and Caban, the three of them would vote for me?” Joe kicked Bill with a 西安耍耍网 smile, causing him to groan in pain: “Neither did you expect that I would be so fast. Do you guys do it?”

“It’s just that there are always many surprises in life, or horror, there are always things you can’t think of.”

Joe shook his head slightly, rubbing his fingers against the baton on his waist, squinting at Bill and Cha Ke a crowd and so on.

The raid last night went smoothly. The morale of the guards of the Wells, Turings, and Cecils was low, and they were defeated by Joe and his allies in two or three charges.

Moreover, Lan Kikyo was secretly shooting, and he killed more than half of the best players in the three major families, which accelerated the speed of the opponent’s collapse.

The loss of Joe an