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Will it be compensated?”


“I mean, if the wand placed in the U.S. Ministry of Magic is lost or damaged, will the Ministry pay for it?” Albert repeated.

“We will not… lose.” The man’s expression was a little stiff.

“So , You won’t compensate, right!” Albert said suddenly.

“If you don’t want to give your wand to the Ministry of Magic for safekeeping, we might not 西安夜生活第一论坛网 welcome you.” Carter’s expression was a little weird.

“Oh, you can represent The entire US Ministry 新西安夜网 of Magic?”

“Sorry, this is the rule, please don’t embarrass me.” The smile on Carter’s face

became more hypocritical. “You are deliberately embarrassing me.” Albert directly handed the wand to Carter and said calmly “Because I didn’t bring a magic wand at all. This was just a souvenir gift from a friend when I was in France. It was just a piece of wood that

looked like a magic wand with a signature at the end.” Carter finally looked at the wand handle. His expression became more and more ugly. He didn’t seem to believe in evil, and he waved a few more times, but it had no effect.

Albert’s wand was sent back to the United Kingdom along with the wizard chess championship trophy not long ago, because he got it from last night Anticipating something on the crystal ball, he sent all the magic items on his body back to England.

“From the beginning, you misunderstood.” Albert said calmly, “If you don’t believe it, you can check it yourself. Of course, You have to apologize afterwards.”

Seeing the other party’s expression that can be checked at will, Carterby was uncomfortable after eating the flies. The other party apparently insisted that he could not find the wand.

Kathleen looked at Carter whose cheeks became more and more distorted. It

became more and more weird. Finally, the Ministry of Magic checked.

Albert ordered a cup of Assam black tea.

At that time, the US Ministry of Magic did not intend to invite him to drink tea, and was going to send people away.

Albert revealed a little bit that he had