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y flew up to the sky, and the eight-legged demon wolf began to run wildly between the trees. All the extraordinary and mutant creatures on this island became restless and came towards the tomb.

Although he is a master of prophecy, Bernadette still did not expect that he was simple, and a problem that 西安夜生活论坛was not directly pointed out would bring this degree of change, as if it was a key that opened the door to the abyss.

Klein above the gray fog saw more, and combined with his own knowledge of mysticism, he had a certain guess:

Edwards’ situation is somewhat different from William and Green, just like on this primitive island. The loophole of that kind of order, or the shadow.

When he realized that he was already dead, the loophole and the shadow were discovered by the order and began to encounter the’repair’.

And the’repair’ brought the enhancement of that order, leading to The whole island has changed.

I can feel that there is a certain degree emperor ‘strength is that it affects Edwards, so he’ newborn ‘after also maintained part of their own will, and where the initial order from the original 西安桑拿网 island?


Klein thoughts During the electric turn, I suddenly noticed that Bernadette himself had a certain change.

Puff, puff, puff, Bernadette faintly heard his heartbeat.

The rhythm of this heartbeat is quite chaotic, as if two sounds are mixed. .

two Bernadets heart of a dynamic, attention calmly back into his body.

the next second, she was sure to hear his heart beating from two sources:


one from her heart, from her a Abdomen.

There seems to be a heart in her belly, which is swelling and contracting

unhappily .

Moreover, this heart is still growing up a little bit! There is no need to look at the abdomen with the secret ability, Bernadette directly I feel that I have a fetus in my belly.

It has grown from the size of a raisin to the size of a 西安夜生活网 normal human palm, and it is still growing. It seems that it will not take long before it will mature, tear open the mother’s abdom