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people I saved.”


Hearing this word, the king’s smile became more and more weird, as if full of mockery: “Gaius, they are all monsters, don’t you understand?

My 西安耍耍网 father told me the king since I was young His duty is to lead the people to know that before he died, he told me to fear them, imprison them, and make them afraid of you.

Only then, is the king and the living king.

You want them to see your strength, Your brilliance, your stalwart, like a god, give them peace, food, and work, so they will tame, forget their minions, and obey your rule.

If one day, you can’t do all this, you are tired, Wounded, 西安夜生活论坛 your people who fall down will feel the pain in the cold wind, they will be dissatisfied, they will unite, they will riot, they will become huge monsters, holding high the banner of the king’s failure, and You devour it. You know

this too, right?”

Gaius did not speak.

“Where did I give up everything and save them? I just chose to die before that.” The

king drank the wine, and the strong wine leaked from the corner of his mouth and spilled on his chest, like flames burning, making his throat hoarse. The eyes were crazy: “I have seen that day. The nobles will be liquidated, the manor will be lit, and the old Caucasus will be buried in the revolutionary fire that you brought. It’s great. !”

“And then?”

Gaius asked.

“Then?” The

drunk-eyed His Majesty chuckled, “The 新西安夜网 means of production are redistributed, the class is re-established, after a long time, a new country, no, a new monster is born as you wished, no Huh?”

“That’s too much, right? Your Majesty.”

Gaius seemed to hear a joke and was amused by the drunk nonsense.

But the king didn’t smile. Instead, he stretched out his hand, grabbed his collar, and drew him to the front, staring at him with his alcohol-burning eyes.

“Compared with what you did to 西安桑拿网 this world, what I said is tender and disgusting, isn’t it?”

He whispered hoarsely, “You used so-called freedom and democracy to overthrow the ancient rule. You w