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y darkened slightly, and Qiao, who had just rushed hundreds of feet away, leaped up suddenly, like a huge boulder that had been smashed by a giant sling, and rushed over the huge figure with a dull wind breaking sound.

From the ground, Joe, who jumped two or three hundred feet high, was actually a lap bigger than this amazingly powerful guy!

Especially in Qiao’s hand, he was carrying a large-caliber naval gun that he grabbed easily when he passed the grove!

This huge cannon weighing more than 10,000 pounds was as light as a tree branch 西安桑拿网 in Joe’s hand. Joe turned the naval gun with both hands, roaring loudly, the huge body quickly turned somersault in the air, and a shot slammed down at the huge figure.

There is a loud noise, sparks are flying everywhere!

The naval gun in Qiao’s hand was broken at the waist, and Qiao screamed, and was rushed to a height of tens of feet by the counter shock.

The huge figure that had just stood up let out a deep roar, and within its body, there was a continuous roar of puff and puff steam. On its face, fist-sized blood flashed rapidly, spewing out a trace of white electricity.

Half of the huge body taller than ten feet was plunged into the mud. The ground around it shook violently. A large area of ??mud was shaken to a height of tens of feet. It even brought dozens of officers who were convulsed by the 西安夜生活网 electric current. They were all shocked to fly far away.


With half of the naval gun in his hand, Joe fell heavily on the ground. He roared loudly, dropped the remains of the naval gun in his hand, opened his arms, and rushed towards the huge figure whose half of the body was plunged into the mud.

“Joe!” In the rear, Duke Ross was filled with a faint black mist, like a goddess of night, floating in the 西安夜生活论坛 sky like a gust of wind.

Seeing Joe rushing toward the huge figure so bravely, she couldn’t help raising her voice and screamed: “Be careful that is the goblin demon puppet, be careful of the magic flash cannon on its chest!”


A dull roar c