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“This guy… unexpectedly, 西安夜网论坛 actually forced the Saint Cloth to self-seal?” A silver subconsciously swallowed his saliva. Doesn’t it mean that the divine power contained in the Saint Cloth is helpless and unable to escape?

At this moment, an even more incredible scene happened.

The Heavenly Crane Saint Cloth, which had been self-sealed, suddenly burst out under a powerful silver light. The petrification of the Saint Cloth had been lifted, and the Saint Cloth had once again returned to its bright appearance.

This time, not only did the holy clothing of the Crane Constellation no longer burst out of cold refusal, but even the surrounding cold Nero swept his arm, and found that the movement was extremely natural, and there was no obstacle.

She slapped a punch casually, and shook out with a chill in her fist. An ice scar spread on the snowy 西安耍耍网 ground in an instant, and it stopped tens of meters away.

As if getting a new toy, Nero squandered the power of this saintly clothing directly on the snowy ground.

On the ice cliff, everyone was silent again.

After a long time, Musa sighed slowly, his voice seemed a little tired, “It seems that the holy clothing of the Crane has been tamed to her, and it is the new silver of the Crane. This time the 西安夜网论坛 war of holy clothes, Let’s end here.”

Tame! The

silver people know for the first time that the silver saint clothing can be tamed, but this is what the strongest chief Musa under the gods said, probably right?

“Draw up the inheritance ceremony and report it to the Virgin Palace.”

Master Musa left in this way. They knew that Maya, the former owner of the Crane Constellation, was the 新西安夜网 younger sister of Master Musa, and he was particularly concerned about the succession of the Abrasian Garment. .

Although Musa-sama did not express any dissatisfaction, but thinking about it, Musa-sama did not want to see that his sister’s sacred clothing would be inherited in such a rude manner. In short, the sacred clothing competition is accompanied by Tianhe The