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Winter Here, this guy is actually lazier than himself. By

the way, today seems to be Halloween. A

giant monster event will happen.

The friendship of the savior’s trio begins today.

Albert suddenly realized why he would do it That nightmare.

Sure enough, I still think too much! The

story has just begun after all. If the relationship between the trio is directly broken 西安夜生活第一论坛网 because of the little butterfly, it will be in trouble.

Although Albert, as a traverser, has a system, and knows the plot, many things can be controlled, but it does not mean that he is willing to get involved and be a vanguard against Voldemort. It is okay to get to the finale and get enough benefits. in.

so, Harry Potter shield is still very important.

thing to follow the original story, just as 西安夜生活论坛 well, and Hermione and Ron as a member of the trio Savior, naturally indispensable, at least Hermione must not be lacking. Without her intellectual support, Harry Potter’s courage would really become reckless.

“What’s the matter with you?”

George was awakened by Albert’s movements and hit his head sideways. yawn asked.

“nothing.” Albert said casually, “What a nightmare.”

“you will have nightmares?” Fred got up from the bed, smiled and joked.

“you early in the morning, noisy What is it? “Lee Jordan face covered several yawn, rolled over, ready to sleep, the result was hit on the head Fred pillow, annoyed sat up, glared at Fred.

Fred He turned his face and pointed his finger in Albert’s direction.

“Asshole, am I that good to lie?” The two quarreled, and the pillows flew around for a while.

“Be careful of catching a cold.” Albert murmured. He After getting dressed, he walked to the window and looked outside. The glass was covered with a hazy mist. He pushed open the window to let the cold wind in. It was already snowing outside.

Several people in the room were noisy, Qi Qi After a shiver, a pillow flew over and hit Albert’s back.

“Asshole, close the window.” After a

while, everyone got up and got dr