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tinued to look at the clues 西安桑拿网 that might exist in this empty meeting room. What’s more interesting is that on the front wall of the room, in addition to the faded Soviet flag, national emblem, and the hanging statue of Brother Corn, Lenin and Stalin are hanging.

Across the middle of the conference room is a table with photo albums, and on the wall directly behind there are portraits of General Kolchak and the last Tsar Nicholas II. Between the two portraits there is a car full of cars. Tire-sized golden badge.

“This is the symbol of the provisional government established by Kolchak in Omsk.” The Great Ivan explained, pointing to the golden badge on the wall.

“It’s really face-slapped Nanjing Dragon and Phoenix looked up at the golden arrow floating on the badge and shook his head secretly. The intention of this scene is already very obvious. From

everything recorded in the album on the table to the densely populated town outside the window Landmines, and the ulterior arrangement in this conference room, all of this can be preserved for only one purpose-to mock the Soviet Union!

This is like a joke at the bottom of the box, even if ten or twenty years have passed, even Fifty years and one hundred years, when this place is 西安夜生活网 discovered again, as long as everything here is made public, the consequences are no different from a corpse!

He winked at Assak, who stood on tiptoe and took it off seemingly heavy rocket actually just rolled out of wooden badge. this badge is still in the back engraved with a map, a town once in black sarcophagus coffin lid to see exactly the same map the boundaries of Tsarist Russia.

even Didn’t disappear? Nanjing Dragon and Phoenix frowned secretly. Although Assak had placed this badge on the floor, the golden arrow above it still existed. This made him wonder if there was any secret hidden in the badge. .

“we spent so much effort, so finally found a little something? “Big Ivan complained disappointedly.

“Aren’t there other rooms I haven’t seen?” ”

Nanjing Drago