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step from perfect evolution to become a real life form.

From this point of view, perhaps the real central tower has evolved a lot of my time than myself, but maybe I am better than the real central tower on the evolutionary potential?

Before there is no accurate data to support this theory, the truth-seeking attitude that everything is possible is exactly the quality that rigorous science should have!

“You should have a name.” Boss Luo suddenly turned his head and smiled. Come, “This will make it easier to distinguish between two different central towers.” The

ladybug was not confused at the moment, and its strong reaction ability made it instantly answer: “No. 1, 西安夜生活论坛 No. 2?”

This is indeed like one. The incomplete intelligent life style piled up by piles of data, Boss Luo smiled and shook his head, ”

Why don’t you call Qixing.” “Qixing?” The ladybug was confused, and asked subconsciously, “What does this name mean? ?”

Boss Luo’s voice has bursts of magnetism, “In the outer world, they have a new civilization. They divided the stars in the sky. Seven stars, the full 西安桑拿网 name is, the ancients used to distinguish according to the different positions of the Big Dipper. Direction and season. It is a great star that often gives people hope and courage.”

“It sounds pretty good.” The ladybug said with some joy at this moment: “According to the information, it seems that humans outside have indeed begun to appear. The worship of the stars. You shouldn’t lie. You are a good fellow. I believe you! Qixing is just the name, so let’s call it Qixing.”

“It’s great, you can like this new name.” Boss Luo smiled slightly , And then he looked at the maid lady as if the name change had never happened before and chuckled.

His eyes returned to the light screen again.

“See, the train ahead!” On the

moving train, Reyaz suddenly shouted in surprise.

When everyone looked at 西安夜生活网 it, they saw that a section of the track was exposed. At this time, a rather shabby and colorful train stopped suddenly. At this tim