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th the sequence 4 manipulator, the incomplete mythological creature form displayed by Pauly Dellau is larger, and the head has changed to a certain extent. Close to lizards, not humans, the pale gold vertical eyes, 西安夜生活论坛 the face scales intertwined with mysterious patterns, indifferent and distorted.

With the display of this incomplete mythological creature form, the entire vast and empty hall is full of various This kind of thoughts, spirit, desire, and will looted like a storm, and half-illusory and half-realistically invaded Klein’s soul island.

This is a combination of mental deprivation and spiritual plague, 西安夜生活第一论坛网 which can make every creature affected and eroded encounter Pollution, crazy on the spot.

For the angels, such an attack is the most sinister, because their mental state has certain problems, and they may lose control directly due to the tilt of the balance at any time!

Klein wearing an off-white arrogant mask and a half-height silk top hat He didn’t stop his pace, didn’t try to avoid this spiritual plague 西安夜网论坛 storm, and still walked towards Pauly Del Lau step by step firmly, indifferently, and unwaveringly.

In the next second, strips of transparent insects appeared on the back of his hand, and his clothes swelled up, as if countless indescribable monsters were crawling underneath.

Suddenly, Klein lost control and turned into a A huge vortex formed by a group of transparent worms. The

vortex stretched out strips of slippery tentacles with strange patterns around, and a light door stained with black and white was faintly revealed in the center.

crawling I saw this scene, even Pauly Del Lau It has become an incomplete mythical creature, and the

unstoppable thoughts stagnated and stiffened in place. This huge gray-white dragon seemed to have become a marionette, with its head full of paste and 西安桑拿网 rusty joints.

He looked directly at it. A great existence that shouldn’t be directly looked at!

Above the gray mist, Klein, who was sitting in the position of the Fool, immediately dissipated