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there are also Master Karen and Longgang. As for this huge cage, it was transported in a rather primitive way.

The simple cart wheel made of wood is not even completely rounded, so when it is pushed to walk, it will inevitably bump.

“How can we be caught by these six-armed apes?” After grasping the current situation, Kukai directly asked the question.

Master Karen sighed at this time and he also wanted to know why he fell to the point of being caught by these creatures. Looking at these six-armed apes, Master Karen knew that these creatures were not highly civilized.

“Although their IQs are not very high, they have great strength and agile movements.” Master Karen pointed out part of the reason at this time.

He knew that at the level of Kukai, these words were enough to make him understand why he was in the cage.

“In other words, you were caught by a group of apes, didn’t you?”

Master Karen snorted softly. 西安夜网论坛 His original intention was obviously to let Kukai understand it in his heart.

“What happened to your injury?” Master Karen simply changed the subject directly.

“Not very good, but it’s not too bad. I need some time to get over.” Kukai thought for a while, then looked forward, with a strange look on his face, “It seems that this tribe of apes is about to arrive. ”

Master Karen followed Kukai’s gaze to see a canyon in front of which only one side is open. As an entrance, there are a large number of excavated caves on the mountain in the canyon.

This is probably the place where these apes live because they have seen a lot of six-armed apes at this time, standing in front of those large and small caves.

With the cart, the cage slowly entered the canyon, and suddenly a large tribe resembling a monkey 西安耍耍网 kingdom appeared in front of Master Karen and Kukai.

More six-armed monkeys swarmed around the cage at this time. They looked at the three master Karen in the cage. They seemed to have their own language, but they didn’t understand the language. Master and Kukai could not know thes