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de of no one knowing what material it was, and it didn’t burn to ashes when he passed through the wall of fire. His body is a little dry and thin. I have also seen some magicians in the Green Empire. Most of them are in the same condition as Moras. They are thin and usually lack exercise.

He gently stroked the hot blisters on his hands and said to me: “I know what kind of pain you will suffer. When I was young, I traveled to orc tribes and stayed in Gluding Town for a while. I have a friend of the blood wolf tribe once told me that blood wolf tribe orcs have extremely powerful recovery capabilities, but 西安桑拿网 they will not be less painful. It seems that your endurance is far more than ordinary people, you are young You’re a strong young man easily.”

I tried to get some scalding medicine from my pocket again, but it didn’t. I don’t usually use any medicine.

“Haha, soldiers of the blood wolf clan never wear medicine!” Moras saw through my thoughts and said to me. He has already determined that I am a 西安耍耍网 new human with orc bloodline, just like when Qige saw me, he automatically regarded me as a similar person. If not, we would not be friends.

Moras said directly to me: “You don’t have to worry about my injuries, as long as I can get out of the area of ??the sealed wood magic circle and I restore some mana, I can heal these injuries!”

I was a little embarrassed to withdraw my hand. We were worried that the bandits in the castle would chase us out in the dark when they found us out, so we didn’t dare to stay here for too long. Although those bandits are a group of mobs who dared to resist the power of the noble 新西安夜网 regime in Sloit Province, their combat effectiveness is very limited, but as the saying goes, ants often kill elephants, and we dare not take risks.

It is very dangerous to travel through the cursed land at night. In this cursed mountain, there are all kinds of traps that cause death. Carrion grass is one of them. On the rhizome of this plant with a bright red flower crown, there are many barbs t